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Where our money comes from

Line dancers helping the Line dance community

It's all comes from people like you.....

We depend totally on funds donated by Line dancers from around the world.

We are grateful for all the hard work and effort that goes into raising money – both large and small amounts - it is thanks to dancers and thier commitment that the Foundaton has been able to respond positively on every occasion it has been called upon.  

The ingenuity of dancers frundraising initiitatives never cease to amaze us.  It's not just events, socials and line dance parties - it's great ideas like crafters knitting scarves, making hand bags, shoe bags, decorating drinking glasses, baking cakes, holding raffles, playing bingo, setting dance challenges and a host of other fantastic ideas that dancers  throw themselves into that makes supporting the LDF such a fun and positive thing to do.  

It is that coming together for the common good that makes is the magic that makes the LDF work so well. It is the dance community to help when illness physical or mental takes a grip and it is the caring message that you send out that is the extra tonic.

 We can never say just how much we appreicate all you do - your kindess has helped so many people at their darkest moments. 

And, on their behalf, we say THANK YOU for giving, for caring and for making such a difference.


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