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Nunik Susanto and dancers from ‘Universal Line Dance Group in Jakarta’ stopped off in Liverpool, on their way to World Dance Masters in Blackpool (August 2017) to make a fabulous donation of £1,250.00 for the Line Dance Foundation. Our sincere thanks to everyone concerned.

17th Costa Brava Line Dance Festival    • £526

Adrian Churm (UK), Debbie Ellis (UK), Jeffke Camps (Belgium), Chris Hodgson (UK), John Grrrowler (UK), Miquel Menendez (Spain), Willie Brown (Scotland), Andrew & Sheila Palmer (UK).

Música en directe amb/DJ Tim Nash (Belgium)

LDF Liverpool - North West  •  £628

Hosted by Paul O'Connor
David Morgan
Pat Stott
Paul O'Connor
Suzi Beau
Hayley Wheatley 

Assisted by: Val O'Connor, Karen Haslam, Joan Mc and Pat & Gerald Clarke

LDF West Midlands • £818

Claire and Steve
Vikki Morris
Pat Stott
Mike Stringer
Alan Birchall & Jacqui Jax
The Rock Choir
Ed Lawton

LDF Harrogate - The North • £1,111

Cathy Hodgson
John Rowell
Sadiah Heggernes
Pat Stott
Hayley Wheatley
John Dean

LDF Luton - The South • £1,097

Kim Ray & Adrian Checkley
Sobrielo Philip Gene Michael
Teresa Lawrence
Vera Fisher
Debbie Rushton
Karen Hadley
Shelly Guichard and Gemma Ridyard

LDF Cambridgeshire • £333

Dawn Morgan
Trey Jackson

LDF Glasgow • £1,436

Josephine Dicks
Stephen and Lesley McKenna
Willie Brown
Linda Paul McCormack
Lorna Cairns
Karen Kennedy

LDF Edinburgh • £2,000

Repghaz-Abbas Meaney & Heather Barton
Robert Lyndsey
Lesley Stewart
Siobhan Forrest
DJ Crazy Hazy

LDF Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia • £1,118

Jennifer Choo
Sue Chin
David Hoyn
Shane McKeever
Steve Healy
The Lim Sisters 

LDF Benidorm, Spain • £919

Andrea Atkinson
Carrie Ann Green
Julie Snailham
Arizona Andy
Lauren Dusty Boots
Malcolm Bath

Other contributions gratefully received …


John King


Julie Lockton
The Big One in Benidorm
Shoe donation Janis Budgen


Karl Harry Winson
Picture Parade donation


Rachael McEnaney-White
Florida Workshop Social


Dee Musk
Dee’s Birthday in Southport
Dave & Pauline Baycroft


Rob Fowler
Picture Parade donation


Maureen and John ’Grrowler’ Rowell


Teresa Lawrence and Vera Fisher
T & V Line Dance Club, London


Nunik Sasanto & J.Cole
Jakarta, Indonesia


Rosie Multari


DBA NW Line Dance Blast


Vivienne Scott

The 2017 total is £14,406 as at 15 August 2017


Many thanks to Sharon at WDC DANCE WEAR
for her very generous donation of dance shoes to be raffled


LDF DAY 2018

The momentum is growing and in March 2018 the Line dance community will, once again, be coming together to take part in our annual international fundraising day.

The official date is Saturday 10th March 2018 so be sure to save the day and do whatever you can to help.

If this date doesn't work for you then don't worry, you can host events or raise funds anytime.  [top]

Thanks for sending us a message. We will get back to you as soon as possible.